Landscape around Taubaté

SMP IN taubaté

Located between two Brazilian metropolises

Taubaté is situated between Brazil’s two most important cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and has a population of approximately 300,000.

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Welcome to SMP Taubaté

São Paulo is located around 120 kilometres from Taubaté and is the most important centre for commerce, finance and culture in Brazil. It offers many different sights and attractions including excellent museums, cultural centres, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. 

Several well-known car manufacturers are located in Taubaté. SMP operates a module centre here where the final assemblies of bumpers take place. Join our team and help us shape world class vehicles with our products.

Impressions of the location

Estaiada Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge over Rio Pinheiros in São Paulo
Eucalyptus forest close to Sao Paulo