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SMP aims to work with its suppliers and foster an environment of growth and value creation for both. The company supports the development work of its suppliers. Highly specialized buyers coordinate all the purchasing logistics who have in-depth knowledge of the world markets for the required components and raw materials. Only those suppliers who satisfy the quality standards of the automotive industry are suppliers of SMP. The objectives are cost benefits and security which is of vital importance when delivery takes place in precise supply cycles.

Supplier Manuals

The SMP Supplier Manuals detail the requirements needed to obtain preferred supplier status within any of SMP’s operating companies.

Please note:

The Supplier Manual is complemented by individual appendices per legal entity and/or location of SMP. These can be found further down on this page.

Global Supplier Manual_02.2024

List of Appendices

Appendix A  Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
Appendix B — Logistic Standard_12.2023
Appendix C — EDI Guideline and Packaging_12.2023
Appendix D — Packing Guideline Purchased Parts_12.2023

Appendix N — Customs and Foreign Trade Regulations_03.2022

Appendix O — Load carrier catalog of the SMP_12.2022

Customer Specific Appendices

Appendix E — BMW Group CSR
Appendix F
— Mercedes-Benz AG CSR
Appendix G
— General Motors CSR
Appendix H
— Stelantis (ex  PSA) CSR
Appendix I
— Groupe Renault CSR
Appendix J
 — Volkswagen Group CSR
Appendix K — IVECO CSR
Appendix L — Ford CSR

Appendix M — DAF PACCAR Inc. CSR
Appendix P — Traton


Supplier Terms

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Downloads for suppliers in Europe
European Motherson TCs of Purchase_V1 - English
European Motherson TCs of Purchase_V1 - Spanish
European Motherson TCs of Purchase_V1 - Hungarian
European Motherson TCs of Purchase_V1 - French
European Motherson TCs of Purchase_V1 - Serbian
European Motherson TCs of Purchase_V1 - Slovak

Downloads for suppliers in Americas
Americas Motherson Automotive Terms and Conditions of Purchase
Americas Motherson Automotive Terms and Conditions of Purchase - Spanish
Americas Motherson Automotive Terms and Conditions of Purchase - Portuguese


Sustainable Purchasing

Motherson Purchasing Sustainability Guidance
Conflict Minerals Policy


Supplier Code of Conduct

Motherson is committed to adhering to the highest standards of ethical, moral and legal conduct in business operations. To maintain these standards, Motherson has formulated a global Supplier Code of Conduct that applies on a uniform basis across the entire supplier base.

The Motherson Supplier Code of Conduct is an integral part of each purchase order, although not listed there in its entirety. The complete version is available here below:

Supplier Code of Conduct


Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA)

SQA is responsible for maintaining standards in supply – from the idea of developing a part to producing the last spare part. The service ranges from drawing up the specifications for potential suppliers to developing and supporting existing ones in order to ensure that both SMP and its customers´ quality and reliability requirements are met. In this area SMP uses the latest quality methods that have become the benchmark in the automotive industry. SQA therefore supports the suppliers in achieving the specified quality objectives.


Supply Base Management

The objective of SMP’s supply base management is to optimize the value added chain. By continuous intensification of supplier relations, restructuring purchasing processes and monitoring make-or-buy decisions, the specialist knowledge of all experts is fed into the system solution. All partners in the supply base contribute their product and process knowledge at the earliest possible stage. This achieves optimum coordination and enhances understanding of customer requirements.


B2B Portal PriSMa

PriSMa is a web-based platform with which SMP manages suppliers and handles procurement proccesses. As part of the SMP application, suppliers can make an unsolicited application (supplier self-registration) or an SMP purchaser can pre-register suppliers and ask the supplier to complete the registration (supplier pre-registration).

Supplier self-registration

If you would like to apply as a supplier with initiative or if you are an existing supplier and do not yet have access to PriSMa, please go to

Supplier Performance Evaluation System (SPES)

Samvardhana Motherson Global, SMG, has defined expectations for its group companies as preferred source with world-class performance in quality, cost and delivery. To accomplish these targets it is essential that SMP aligns itself with a strong supply base with an ability to match these demands. Enabling compliance to the businesses expectations for Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development, and Management / Safety / Environment Systems. The purpose of the Supplier Performance Evaluation is to provide a means of objectively assessing the ability meet expectations, to identify areas of risk and opportunities for improvement.

SMG evaluates Supplier Performance using a set of criteria based Key Perfomance Indicators. These KPI's are focused on quality performance, delivery performance and commercial competitiveness. Motherson employ the results as essential tool for decision making, risk mitigating and continuous improvement. A supplier performance report is available to all direct suppliers on a monthly basis, which assesses the overall performance according to the defined criteria.


Data Exchange

TRUfusion Web Portal SMP

Safe and efficient exchange of data is the basis for optimal collaboration with customers, business partners and suppliers. SMP's portal solution offers you targeted access to information "on demand" while allowing quick data transfer, even of large volumes. The encrypted, stable and convenient data exchange via the SMP portal allows us to optimize cooperation with our partners by saving on time and costs while maximizing data security.

The portal offers two areas:

Open area: Here, you can download information provided by SMP. Secure area: Following registration/activation, you can log in at any time and download additional data or upload your own data. Data protection is ensured via a secure connection (https) and the use of Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP).



Environmental or Human Rights Complaint

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