SMP aims to work with its suppliers and foster an environment of growth and value creation for both. The company supports the development work of its suppliers. Highly specialized buyers coordinate all the purchasing logistics who have in-depth knowledge of the world markets for the required components and raw materials. Only those suppliers who satisfy the quality standards of the automotive industry are suppliers of SMP. The objectives are cost benefits and security which is of vital importance when delivery takes place in precise supply cycles.

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Conditions of purchase
Conditions of purchase for consultancy services
Supplier self-assessment
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Terms and conditions of purchase
Quality management agreement
Supplier self-assessment

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Terms and conditions of purchase
Manual of requirements for suppliers

Information packages for suppliers of other SMP entities can be requested from:


Supply Chain Management

Safeguarding the ordered quantity and quality of all purchased products is the task of SMP Supply Chain Management. This secure base provides the prerequisite for reliable production supply of single parts, systems and complete modules to meet customer deadlines.

Downloads for suppliers of SMP Deutschland GmbH

To provide suppliers with the relevant documents in the course of an order process, these are split into two packages.

Anlagen Rahmenvertrag
This information package contains general logistic regulations for suppliers

Anlagen Anfrage
This information package is relevant as soon as suppliers are requested for a specific product. These books of requirements are to be agreed and to be filled out on part level.

Information packages for suppliers of other SMP entities can be requested from:


Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA)

SQA is responsible for maintaining standards in supply – from the idea of developing a part to producing the last spare part. 

The service ranges from drawing up the specifications for potential suppliers to developing and supporting existing ones in order to ensure that both SMP and its customers´ quality and reliability requirements are met. 

In this area SMP uses the latest quality methods that have become the benchmark in the automotive industry. 

SQA therefore supports the suppliers in achieving the specified quality objectives.


Supply Base Management

The objective of SMP’s supply base management is to optimize the value added chain. By continuous intensification of supplier relations, restructuring purchasing processes and monitoring make-or-buy decisions, the specialist knowledge of all experts is fed into the system solution. All partners in the supply base contribute their product and process knowledge at the earliest possible stage. This achieves optimum coordination and enhances understanding of customer requirements.