Aerial View of Praia do Curral (Curral Beach) in Ilhabela, Sao Paulo

SMP IN Sao Bernardo do Campo

Part of the third largest metropolis in the world

Sao Bernardo do Campo is situated on the southern edge of São Paulo and has a population of around 810,000 inhabitants. Several major car manufacturers have established themselves in this important economic location.

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Welcome to SMP Sao Bernardo do Campo

Sao Bernardo do Campo is only approximately 20 kilometres away from the centre of São Paulo.  With a population of 12 million, São Paulo is Brazil’s largest city and is situated 80 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean. São Paulo is Brazil’s most important economic, financial and cultural centre and also offers many different sights and attractions, including excellent museums, cultural centres, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. 

In Sao Bernardo do Campo, SMP operates a module centre where the final assembly of bumpers takes place. Join our team and help us shape world class vehicles with our products.

Impressions of the location

Sao Paulo Skyline
Downtown Sao Paulo