The Popocatepetl volcano

SMP in Puebla

Volcanos, Talavera and churches

Puebla is the one of the oldest cities in Mexico and offers multiple attractions – from natural spectacles to cultural sights.

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Carlos Guerrero Arreola HR Manager

Welcome to SMP Puebla

Puebla is located southeast of Mexico City and west of Mexico´s main Atlantic port, Veracruz. The magnificent view of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanos, are only one of the many attractions worth mentioning, in the fourth largest city of Mexico. The Cathedral, the Palafoxian Library, the Amparo Museum, Cholula or Los Sapos are some of the other famous attractions. The city is also well known because of its many churches with craftsmanship that is characteristic of this region. There are 288 catholic temples to be exact and most of them are decorated with Talavera, which is a type of pottery distinguished by a white glaze and is only produced in Puebla.

Volkswagen is the biggest employer in Puebla. SMP employs round about 570 people in our local plant. Join our team and help us to shape world class vehicles with our products.


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At SMP we design exterior and interior modules for some of the most popular car brands in the world. But we do more than create products. We create future. Become part of our team and help us to do this.

Impressions of the location

Streets of Puebla