Castle of Ampudia close to Palencia

SMP IN Palencia

Great food and sports

Palencia is located in a region whose main tourist attractions are mountains, gastronomy, “The Way of Santiago”, Romanesque art, great wineries and the castles trail.

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J. Javier Calvo HR Manager

Welcome to SMP Palencia

As well as the local automotive industry, the economy of Palencia is also focused on food, i.e. coffee companies, biscuits and chocolate. It is in a location with good connections with the capital city of Madrid and the beaches of the north of the country. It has an extensive network of trains, motorways and a nearby airport.

​Palencia and its surroundings have been and still are a benchmark in the industrial world, with a high volume of international investments and a high level of exports in both products and knowledge, implementing projects in many parts of the world. There are many leisure activities such as basketball, running, squash and athletics. The sociable nature of the inhabitants of Palencia is worth mentioning, with whom you can share their evenings in the tapas bars with interesting conversation and good wine. 

Our location in Palencia with 250 employees is one of the largest automotive suppliers in the region. Here, we produce and assemble large interior and exterior modules for several international car makers in Spain. Join our team and help us to shape world class vehicles with our products.

Impressions of the location

Snowy covered Espigüete in the Province of Palencia (2450m)
Cristo del Otero