The city of Ingolstadt

SMP IN Ingolstadt

A university city with historical charm

With a population of 130,000, the university city of Ingolstadt is the 4th biggest city in Bavaria. The headquarters of Audi are located here, along with the company’s largest production plant.

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Volker Folwill HR Manager

Welcome to SMP Ingolstadt

The city also offers a wide range of attractive places of interest such as fascinating museums and historical buildings, as well as excellent bars, clubs and restaurants. For bargain hunters, Ingolstadt offers a huge shopping area with around 100 outlet shops selling a wide range of famous brands.

SMP is located in the Ingolstadt freight village where it operates an engineering centre and a module centre for assembling door panels for Audi. Join our team and help us shape world class vehicles with our products. 

Impressions of the location

Old Townhall
The new castle by the Danube River
Ingolstadt_New castle in Ingolstadt_112142411 (not online).jpg
New castle in Ingolstadt