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SMP manufactures premium interior and exterior systems for the automotive industry.


What is it that characterizes our products?

Our products characterize the inside and outside of numerous, most admired vehicle models around the globe - our contribution to enhanced quality, comfort, styling and safety in automotive mobility. We develop and produce them with passion, endurance and with the objective of exceeding highest requirements of our customers and drivers. Concentrating on polymer-based products with world-class properties and surfaces, we endeavor to achieve innovation so that we can continuously improve our products and processes. In this way, SMP is well-positioned for the automotive industry of today and tomorrow, with its ever-increasing demand for efficiency, performance, safety and reliability.

Interior Systems

When driving becomes a great experience

There’s no doubt about it, getting from A to B is the most important thing when you are driving a car. However, if the occupants also feel safe and comfortable while driving and love the design and haptics of the interior of a car, driving is not just about movement – it becomes a magnificent experience. SMP is an expert for world-class interior systems such as

  • Dashboards and fully assembled cockpits
  • Center consoles
  • Door panels and interior panels
  • Leather and soft-surface solutions
  • Integration of airbags and electronic features. 

Exterior Systems

Affecting the overall appearance of a car

The overall appearance of a car is decisive for its individual brand. With our high quality exterior systems, SMP significantly contributes to the visual characteristics of any car. Our fully developed and assembled systems are strongly influenced by current trends such as lightweight and aerodynamic design, replacing metal with plastic and hybrid technologies such as fiber reinforcement. SMP is an expert for world-class interior systems such as

  • Bumpers and front grilles
  • Spoilers and rocker panels
  • Decorative parts and plastic based body panels.