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Where European cultures meet

Galanta is a small town with 15,000 inhabitants in the south-western part of Slovakia nearby Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. It is the hub of the automotive industry in the region of Galanta.

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Jana Minarovičová HR Manager

Welcome to SMP Galanta

Since the town is only 60 km away from the Hungarian border and 100 km from the Czech border, it is a great place for people who like to travel or enjoy the option of visiting other countries. It is true that Galanta is a small town, but it is a pleasant place to be because of the different cultures which you can enjoy here, since many of the inhabitants are from other European countries. The surrounding nature is quite pleasant, since there are many agricultural fields in the vicinity where various crops are grown by the locals. If you are a fishing enthusiast, there are many lakes with a wide range of options. Water sports are also very popular in the area. Close to the SMP plant there is a facility with mineral water swimming pools. The opportunity to go sailing is also worth mentioning.

In the surrounding villages there are many old water mills and medieval churches. For golfers there are two alternatives with great golf courses, and wine lovers will appreciate tours of the local vineyards.

Our location in Galanta is mainly a highly specialized production hub for supporting German car makers in the region with a variety of high quality modules such as door panels and interiors. Around 200 people are employed at the plant. Join our team and help us to shape world class vehicles with our products.

Impressions of the location

The Danube River in Galanta
Park in Bratislava